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Name Rings

The jewelry you wear should be as individual as you are. It should stand out in a crowd, and still be deeply personal. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for someone else or you just want to treat yourself, what could be more heartfelt than a gorgeous name ring? A person’s name is just as defining as the color of their eyes or the spark of their wit, and wearing it on a ring is a great celebration of affection and love.

Or, perhaps you want to wear the names of your children or you want to celebrate your romantic relationship or great friendship by wearing a beautifully crafted name ring. With a number of different finishes to choose from including 18K gold plated, 925 sterling silver, and 18K rose gold, here at Najany you’ll find precisely what you’re searching for.

What else makes you unique? Your handwriting. Now, through Najany, your handwritten name can be transferred onto a 925 sterling silver or 18K gold plated name ring. You can also choose a personalized name ring in script style that reflects your own name, the name of someone your love or even an uplifting or motivating word that speaks to your soul.

Wear your ring with one or more names on one loop or wear them as individual stackables, some name rings can also be embedded with different rhinestones for added elegance and sparkle to signify birth months or an anniversary. Important dates may also be inscribed onto name rings to create a cherished personal gift that will never go out of style.

Name rings are thoughtful gifts anytime of the year and especially for the holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, as promise rings, friendship rings, to celebrate the birth of a child, and more. Flatter your fingers with clean, elegant name rings or present them as a thoughtful and meaningful gift to the loved ones in your life.

At Najany, all jewelry is delivered in an attractive gift box and is offered with free delivery via Parcelforce. You can rest assured that our jewelry is handcrafted with the same passion and excellence you would expect from deeply creative artisan professionals.