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The Allure of Getting a Name Necklace

An essential piece of any jewelry line, necklaces have always held that value of intimacy. Despite worn to evoke attention and status, a necklace is always viewed as endearing instead sexual, and when given will remind the receiver that she is highly thought of.

With a name necklace, the wearer will be able to exude an identity true to herself, as it bears her name or initials. In some cases, a person wearing a name necklace will carry a name not her own, but of someone who's dear to her. Regardless, it is a fact that this type of necklace will never go out of fashion, is fit for any age group, and can be worn by men as well.


Name necklaces have been worn since time immemorial, often regarded as nameplates. In the modern world, it was Hollywood that contributed to its wild popularity. Artists such as MC Hammer, Madonna, and J.Lo bore their names and initials on silver and gold chains; and various personalities such as Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, and the Kardashians have been known to wearing one. When the trend started however, was in the 1980s where the urban and Hip-Hop lifestyle rose to prominence.

Types of Name Necklaces

The modern, tech-savvy world has paved way to a host of playful yet elegant customizations of such necklaces. These necklaces can be crafted out of various metals like yellow gold, white gold, and sterling silver; add to that the popularity of gold-plated necklaces as well. The choice is dependent on the purchaser's budget and personal preference.

While the world is quite used to seeing the classic name necklace design, the one with italics attached to a chain, there are many other variants that can be considered name necklaces. Some of them are tag necklaces, hand-stamped necklaces, charm/trinket necklaces, monogram necklaces, and even birthstone necklaces.

Getting a Name Necklace

Shopping for a name necklace isn't actually much of a chore – after all, you already know what you're getting. The only think you have to decide on is the design and the material it's made of.

Design-wise, name necklaces aren't limited to one name per necklace. Some necklaces are designed to carry multiple names, even using your own handwriting. How unique a nameplate necklace depends on the creativity of the bear, of course with the assistance of the jeweler.

There is nothing more personal as far as jewelry is concerned than a necklace that bears one's own name or the name of a loved one. Name jewelries would also make the perfect gift for someone dear and will be deeply appreciated as it can be worn on many occasions, whether a formal evening date or a casual night out with friends.