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Personalized Necklaces from Najany

If you are looking for a unique gift for your special someone, Najany is the place to look. Here you can order a personalized necklace from any of the necklaces shown in the collection. These personalized necklaces just may be the perfect gift you are looking for. The person you are gifting this necklace to will certainly be delighted when they see this necklace made just for them.

When you order a personalized necklace from Najany, you are going to receive something unique and quite special. Any one of these personalized necklaces can be made to include the name or initials of your special someone. You can’t get any more unique than that.

When picking out your personalized necklace you have many different options to choose from. Each of these options will help make a beautiful gift for anyone. Every one of these dazzling necklaces are made from the finest metals, sterling silver, gold or silver with rose gold plating. Once you have picked the metal for your personalized necklace, then you can pick the style.

There are different fonts you can choose from, each of which will look lovely on a necklace with your loved one’s name. Your special someone will be delighted when they see their name in any of the fonts and metals available. You also have the option to choose different shapes for the personalized necklace. Some of the shapes include a circle, infinity loop (with or without hearts) or even bars. Or to make it extra special there is a choice where you can use your loved one’s own handwriting in the necklace. If you don’t want their name shaped into a pendant, then you can choose to have personalized coordinates.

Name necklaces aren’t the only choices you have when you want to personalize one of our necklaces. You can also check out our photo necklaces. With these photo necklaces, you can select a photo of your loved one and have it engraved into a sterling silver pendant of your choice.

Ordering one of these necklaces is easy. Click on the option of your choice. Then all you have to do is fill in the information in the boxes provided. Some of these necklaces run around $49. This price was slashed down from $79! You will save $30 on the necklace you order! There are other prices, depending on which necklace you order, but none of them will have a hefty price tag, especially when these prices have all been reduced. These necklaces also come delivered in their very own gift box. The gift box comes free with every order.

Finding a gift that is unique and made special for your special someone may not be easy. Najany has made that even easier for you. Your special someone will adore the personalized necklace that you create just for them. Not just anyone can have a necklace this special. Make this gift one your special someone will love for years to come.