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Photo Jewelry

A picture is worth a thousand words. How much more is that picture worth when it is presented on Photo Jewelry? People love personalized, heartfelt gifts and nothing is more personal than a piece of jewelry with a special picture on it. The picture could be anything meaningful - a special loved one, a family pet, or a great vacation photo - anything that evokes a warm memory.

Photo Jewelry comes in many styles, sizes and shapes -perfect for anyone. For instance, military wives will love receiving a shield-shaped pendant with their soldier on it. They can keep him around their neck and close to their heart.

A husband might choose the heart-shaped necklace with a base of .925 sterling silver. He can choose a special picture of both of them (maybe on their wedding day?) to be placed on the heart. An intimate message can be inscribed on the back for a more personal touch. The chain is available in many lengths, too.

Photo Jewelry allows the wearer to show his or her love interest in a variety of options. Choose from necklaces, bracelets and even rings. The process is simple. Buyers will choose which piece of Photo Jewelry they desire. Then, they choose a special photo - one that has sentimental meaning - to be engraved onto the piece of jewelry. Customize the piece with a secret message inside the ring or a favorite quote on the back of a pendant.

What grandmother wouldn't love to have a unique keepsake of all of her grandchildren? With Photo Jewelry, she can have an oval pendant on a chain from 14 - 22" long. The chain looks delicate, but is very sturdy. She can wear this necklace every day.

Photo Jewelry is a great gift that loved ones will treasure.