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About Najany

We started in 2009 with a burning passion for personal jewelry, and since our opening we have endeavored to be the best in the industry.

Today Najany.com offers a large selection of personalized jewelry with name engraving and custom made jewelry for our customerr.

Team Najany

Ninna Kristensen

Our customer service managers who help to ensure all our customers for the best possible service. Ninna is always smiling and in a good mood, which makes it a great experience to talk to Ninna. She has been in since Najany opened and knows almost all our products.

Kasper Holm

Our webshop developer. Kasper is very focused that our webshop is always functional and error free. He works in close cooperation with our graphic designer Claudia, who together ensures that Najany can offer the best experience in our webshop.

Claudia Sønderskov

Our graphics designer making sure that all our graphics are always crisp. Claudia works in close collaboration with Kasper when implementing new initiatives in our webshop. Together they help ensure that Najany always offers the best possible trading experience.

Jesper Sørensen

Our manager Jesper is always full of good ideas and helps ensure that all of our business flows run smoothly. He always keeps tied together and makes sure that Najany can create something that's beyond the usual.

Nanna Bruun

Our customer service representative who is always in a good mood. Nanna works together with Ninna in the customer service department, where they together make up the best team of mood and joy spreaders to our customers.